Ordering Information


15 Stills (minimum) $99
Additional stills (no maximum) $3 each
Add branded and non-branded virtual tour. You receive links to both. $42
Video clips can be added to the virtual tour. For example, a 360 degree spin from a central location showing the kitchen, living room etc. and how it all connects. Adding  a couple video clips with stills is a cost-effective way to thoroughly showcase your listing. Call about pricing. A typical clip would be a 360 spin at $16. A shorter duration 3-5 second clip would be $8.
Still photo drone work is available. The FAA is very particular about flying drones commercially, and some areas may not be available. Call about drone work if you are needing it. Typically up to 10 aerial drone photos adds $100 to ground-based photography.
Photography outside of Fort Myers may incur a mileage charge if it is more than 15 miles from the ARPtours office at 16000 Via Solera Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33908. Mapquest.com will be used to determine mileage. Based on city traveled to. Ask about mileage if I need to travel outside of Fort Myers, or to certain far points in Cape Coral. The ARPtours office at 16000 Via Solera Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33908 is considered the center.